Health Sector Organizing

VPHCS taps and organizes members of the health sector to provide services to depressed communities and involve in community-based health programs. Activities such as fora, focus group discussions, community exposures and assistance in medical missions are conducted for medical, nursing and health student and health professionals in Cebu City and Tagbilaran City that raise their social awareness and involvement in answering the needs of the CBHPs.

The VPHCS also organizes Student Integration Program (SIP) during semestral and summer breaks which bring health students to the communities where they experience their life realities and relate their social and economic situations with their health problems.

Students, doctors, nurses, and  dentists are also invited to join and serve in the medical missions and community clinics.  After the Bohol earthquake and Typhoon Yolanda, many have been mobilized to render medical, dental and psychosocial support services for families affected by the disaster.

Through the efforts of the VPHCS, health students have organized the Students’ Health Advocacy for Response and Empowerment (SHARE) in Cebu and the Students Alliance for Community Health (SACHS) in Bohol to concretize their organizational expression of their social involvement. The Medical Students Association for Voluntary and Exemplary Services (MedSaves) was also formed in 2013.  These three organizations composed primarily of nursing and medical students have launched community exposure programs and joined medical missions of the VPHCS.