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Children’s books

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More than 100 children’s books were donated to the VPHCS from an active community-based health program advocate and VPHCS friend based in the United States.

Filipino nurse Lucita Luciani now based in Sta. Monica, California procured the books from the Santa Monica Public Library and shipped the books to VPHCS last January.

The books are donated in memory of Aurora Fernandez, R.N., who died last September 12, 2012 in the United States. Aurora was a member of the VPHCS Board of Trustees and an active CBHP advocate. In a label taped on each book were written words of her being a tireless activist, teacher, mother, grandmother and teacher. The labels were donated by Evelyn Marcelo and Maria Luciani.

Some of the books were distributed to urban poor communities in Cebu with CBHP developed by the VPHCS. Members of the people’s organizations ensure that the books are enjoyed by the children in the communities. Some are in the library in the VPHCS office which are also read by patients seeking medical consultation in the clinic.

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