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Gender sensitivity seminar held

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The VPHCS recently linked with the Passerelles Numériques Philippines, a French non-profit organization created in 2005 that provides information technology (IT) three-year college education scholarship to less fortunate students at the University of San Carlos, and ensures that the graduates get a job after their training with the help of its IT partner companies in Metro Cebu

A gender sensitivity seminar was conducted by VPHCS staff member Dr. Erlinda Posadas on August 21, for more than 80 students in the PN residential house in Talamban, Cebu City.Another non-government organization also linked up with the VPHCS recently. Members of the World Vision, a Christian development, advocacy and relief organization, Cebu office, met with the management committee on Sept. 10, in order to be oriented regarding our community empowerment work and resource mobilization for sustainability. They came to know about our work through our website. During the visit, mutual experiences were shared regarding community development work.

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