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Health alliance assembly held

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The second general assembly of a Bohol-based health alliance was held last Friday, Sept. 30, 2010 in Tagbilaran City in order to advance the health conditions of the Boholanos.

The Alyansa sa Katawhan alang sa Maayong Panglawas (KAHIMSOG) is composed of people’s organizations in the grassroots, community health workers (CHWs), nurses, doctors and other health professionals, nursing students, non-government organizations and government agencies and other health advocates. It shall work to improve the health conditions in the province.

The assembly theme was: Iasdang ang katungod ug kaayuhan sa katawhan ug mga mamumuo sa panglawas para sa kahimsog. It was held at the conference room of the JJ’s Mandarin, Dimsum.

The assembly was graced by Bohol Provincial Board Member Chairman of the Committee on Health Dr. Ceasar Tomas “Yul” Lopez who expressed the government’s support to work with the Kahimsog, Ms. Angelita Maleriado, Provincial Health Office Public Health Nurse, Ms. Conchi Manhilot, Clinical Instructor-University of Bohol, Dr. Rosendo Lopez III, Head Dental Department in the Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital, Sr. Gloria and Fr. Desiderio Magdoza of Rural Missionaries of the Phil. (RMP).

Leaders of the Hugpong sa mga Mag-uuma sa Bohol (HUMABOL) represented by William Boybanting and Danilo Olayvar, Paula Destor of Bol-anong Kahugpungan sa mga Kabus nga Nangisda (BOKKANA), Linda Salo (Sandigan sa mga Bol-anong Kababayen-an nga Nag-uma ug Nanagat (SABAKAN),and community health workers of people’s organizations, nurses, nursing students, also attended the activity.

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