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Launching of national coalition for people’s right to health

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The Cebu Chapter of the Coalition for People’s Right to Health (CPRH) was launched on May 6, 2017. The Visayas Primary Healthcare Services, Inc. was one of the leading organizers of the coalition.

The launching was attended by 125 representatives and members of health groups, sectoral organizations, non-government organizations, academic institutions, people’s organizations and individuals.

The national coalition was launched on August 22, 2017 and was attended by over 100 representatives from different sectors, health NGO’s, private health practitioners, and a former health secretary in order to advance free, comprehensive and progressive health care system in the Philippines.
Since its launching in Manila, the coalition has lobbied for policy reforms and legislative agenda on health and launched campaign activities to push for the implementation of the issues and concerns stated in the People’s Health Agenda.

Council for Health and Development (CHD) executive director Dr. EleonorJara gave a comprehensive discussion of the present health system in the country and the People’s Health Agenda.

Representatives of various sectors in Cebu then spoke, signifying their commitment to work for the realization of the Health Agenda. All participants then signed copies of a nationwide petition addressed to the government to fulfill the Health Agenda.

Led by the CHD, the coalition commits to fight for the realization of the People’s Health Agenda that aims to:
1. Provide free, comprehensive and progressive health care services for all the citizenry.
2. Stop privatization and other anti-people, anti-health worker policies.
3. Renationalize devolved health services.
4. Provide an adequate health budget that is commensurate to the needs of Filipinos. Allocate at least 5% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) for health in the national government budget.
5. Establish a clear human resource development plan.
6. Nationalize and build a pharmaceutical industry that will provide safe, accessible, affordable, essential and effective medicine.
7. Stop and investigate all corrupt practices.
8. Address the socio-economic and political factors affecting health, such as foreign dominance in the country’s economy, landlessness, lack of jobs, low wages, lack of food security and housing, and other social services.

The coalition aims to end the dismal health situation in the country especially among the marginalized sectors – the peasants, workers, women and children and the youth. This situation has been aggravated by the government’s subservience to neoliberal dictates of financial institutions and transnational corporations such as the continued decrease in health budget, privatization of health care services and facilities, full mobility of health professionals to developed countries and stringent regulation of intellectual property rights in favour of big pharmaceuticals.

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