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Networking and Linkaging

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The Visayas Primary Healthcare Services, Inc. establishes ties and relationships with various organizations, funding agencies, foundations, institutions and individuals in the international and national spheres in promoting primary health care and building community-based health programs in the Visayas.

Various funding agencies have provided monetary, technical and material aid for VPHCS projects, programs and services over the past years.

Charitable institutions, civic society groups and government agencies have also provided medicines and other forms of medical care for patients and beneficiaries of the VPHCS.

Joint activities on health delivery such as medical missions and community projects are also conducted with non-government agencies and development work institutions working with people’s organizations in the grassroots as well as with local government units where CBHPs exist and with colleges of nursing, medicine, dentistry, and medical technology in Cebu City and Tagbilaran City.

Patients needing specialized care and further management and laboratory tests are referred to physicians, dentists and other health professionals as well as diagnostic laboratories which provide their services at no cost or for a discounted fee.

The VPHCS also hosts visitors, health students and health professionals from foreign countries who would like to experience the work and life in community-based health programs in the communities.

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