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Operation tuli in Cordova and Compostela

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Volunteers of the Visayas Primary Healthcare Services rendered services in two operations tuli (circumcision) last May 14 and May 16.

There were about 100 boys circumcised in Barangay Alegria, Cordova on May 14 and 18 boys in Barangay Bagalnga,  Compostela on May 16.

The Cordova tuli was organized by the barangay council led by Barangay Captain Jose Wahing.  Volunteers included medical interns and post-graduate interns of the Cebu Institute of Medicine now rotating in community medicine in the CIM-Community Medico-Social Services center in Paknaan, Mandaue City.  Members of the Alpha Mu Sigma Phi organization of the CIM also rendered their services.

The Compostela tuli was sponsored by the Sumbanan Consumers’ Cooperative in Sitio Guila-guila in Barangay Bagalnga.   Families of the boys are part of the 40 beneficiaries of the Bagalnga Housing Project of the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation – Integrated Development Center, Inc., the social action arm of the Society of Divine Word congregation.

Medical interns of the Gullas College of Medicine, volunteer nurses, and members of the Alpha Mu Sigma Phi organization in CIM rendered their services during the tuli.

VPHCS program physician Dr. Erlinda Posadas and staff members led the teams during the two occasions.  VPHCS also provided its surgical instruments.

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