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Pasil community health workers continue health program

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Under the leadership of the Pasil Women’s Organization, the community health workers (CHWs) in Sitio Lawis, Pasil, continue to render basic health services to the residents.

The CHWs treat common illnesses such as common colds, fever, stomachache, headache and other complaints with the use of herbal medicines such as lagundi, a bronchodilator and expectorant, water therapy, ventusa, and over-the-counter medications such as paracetamol, antacids, oral rehydration salts, and common antibiotics.

With their regular blood pressure monitoring, identified hypertensive patients are advised to take their maintenance medicines and referred to the VPHCS office and the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center for further management.

Health information on hypertension and its complications and associated illnesses such as heart diseases and diabetes mellitus is also regularly given.

A program on the control of tuberculosis which is a common disease in Pasil and other urban poor communities is also underway. The CHWs shall screen residents for TB based on common symptoms such as cough of more than two weeks, afternoon fever, poor appetite and weight loss, and advise them to have sputum examination in the health center for proper management.

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