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Turnover ceremony of handwashing facilities

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The turnover ceremony of the handwashing facilities in San Remegio was held on October 23, 2020, at 2 the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Facility in Poblacion, San Remegio.

Eight handwashing facilities are donated by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as part of its ReachHealth Project to provide technical assistance to the Local Government Units (LGUs) of San Remigio, Tabuelan, Bogo City, and Medellin, to implement various capacity-building activities to support community-based COVID-19 response to delay, contain the transmission of COVID-19, and mitigate the effects of the pandemic in their localities.

The ceremony was organized by the Visayas Primary Healthcare Services, Inc. which is implementing the COVID-19 response project that is administered by the RTI International.

Gracing the affair were San Remigio Mayor Mariano R. Martinez and his municipal councilors, staff of the rural health unit, and three members of the Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT).

Representing the RTI International included Keannu M. Arnoco, Carmen Claire A. Alfafara, and Lurica June Gambe.

The ceremony started with an invocation by project staff Lora Manigos, followed by the welcome address by Dr. Tina Candelaria. Ms. Gambe then gave an overview of the ReachHealth Project. Project team leader Edgar E. Gahisan then presented the handwashing facility in the MHPS facility. This was followed by the ribbon cutting of the facility by Mayor Martinez and Dr. Candelaria who then signed the Certificate of Turnover and Acceptance. Mayor Martinez then gave his acceptance speech.

MSWDO Officer Claire F. Daitol then gave a message thanking RTI International for the 200 BIDA hygiene kits donated to her office for survivors of gender-based violence and the youth.

There were also 100 BIDA hygiene kits donated to the RHU for the patients in the temporary treatment and monitoring facility.

Hygiene kits for the eight handwashing facilities in San Remigio were also turned over to the rural health unit. Each hygiene kit consists of two gallons of liquid soap, two pump soap dispenser and two packs of paper towels.

The remaining seven facilities in San Remigio will be constructed in
Lapyahan Public Beach, San Remigio COVID-19 Isolation Facility, Poblacion Drop-off Terminal, Hagnaya Satellite Public Market, Cebu Technological University, Hagnaya Bus Terminal and Municipal Fish Port.

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