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VPHCS seeks accreditation as an NGO from the Cebu City Government

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The VPHCS has sought for an accreditation status as a non-government organization (NGO) from the Cebu City Government. It submitted the necessary requirements and application last December to the office of Cebu City Councilor Hon. Sisinio Andales and is expected to be granted accreditation after a resolution to such effect is passed in a City Legislative Council session in January.

As an accredited NGO, the VPHCS can coordinate and work better with the Cebu City Government and avail of financial assistance for its community-based health programs in depressed barangays in the city.

Currently, the VPHCS has partnered with the Pasil Women’s Organization and the Ermita Fisherfolks Association in developing a health program in the two barangays. Health education has been conducted in these communities to raise the residents’ awareness on the prevention and control of common illnesses. Community health workers (CHWs) have also been trained by the VPHCS to render basic home remedies for common complaints.

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