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Appeal for help for Typhoon Yolanda victims ABAG! Central Visayas

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Rebuilding Lives, Empowering Communitiesc/o The Fair Trade Shop, Room 102, Jose R. Martinez Building, Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City

Greetings of Peace and Solidarity!

In response to the aftermath of the October 15 earthquake and Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) disasters that caused thousands of deaths and brought untold damages, devastation and suffering to millions of families, we have formed Abag! Central Visayas to answer the needs for the immediate relief of affected communities and begin their long-term rehabilitation.

Abag! Central Visayas is composed of the Cebu Bohol Relief and Rehabilitation Center (CRRC), Community Empowerment Resource Network (CERNET), Southern Partners Fair Trade Center (SPFTC), Central Visayas Farmers Development Center (FARDEC), Women’s Resource Center of the Visayas (WRCV), Iglesia Filipina Independiente-Visayas Mindanao Regional Office for Development (IFI-VIMROD), Visayas Primary Healthcare Services (VPHCS), Visayas Human Development Agency (VIHDA), Fisherfolk Development Center (FIDEC), Foundation for Philippine Environment (FPE) -Visayas Unit and other concerned civil society organizations.

As part of these efforts, we are appealing to you for any financial or material assistance in the form of bottled water, rice, canned goods, medicines, and other supplies that will be distributed to communities in Bohol, Tacloban, northern Cebu, and parts of Leyte and Samar that have not yet been reached by ongoing relief efforts.

It is a sad fact that the poor and marginalized are the most affected in times of disaster. Your help will not only help them make it through this difficult times but also help them rebuild their shattered communities.

In anticipation of your favourable response, we extend our thanks.

Sincerely yours,

(SGD) Teresisia Jagmoc
Executive Director, CRRC

(SGD) Oliver Gimenez, MD
Executive Director, CERNET
(SGD) Geraldine Labradores
Managing Director, SPFTC

Drop In Centers:
1. The Fair Trade Shop
Address: Room 102 Jose R. Martinez Bldg
Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City
Tel. No. 238-2671
Cp. 0939-624 3408

2. Farmers Development Center (FARDEC)
Address: # 13 P. Rodriguez St.
Capitol Site, Cebu City
Tel. No. 254-8548, 253-5602
Cp No. 0933-386-8334

3. Community Empowerment Resource Network (CERNET)
Address: Door 5 Rosdell Apartment
Englis V. Rama Ave., Cebu City
Tel. No. 256-3803, 514-9919
Cp. No. 0918-651-6132

For Financial Donations:

Visayas Primary Health Care Services, Inc (VPHCS)
email [email protected]
Phone: 011 63 32 512 5928.
Contact person: Dr. Petty Orbeta de Castro DDM

Executive Director
Bank: Banco de Oro, F. Gonzales Branch, Cebu City
Bank Account: Name: Visayas Primary Health Care Services, Inc.
Peso Account number: 006110005001
Dollar Account number: 106110039631
Task Force Members:

1. Cebu Bohol Relief and Rehabilitation Center (CRRC) – lead agency
2. Community Empowerment Resource Network (CERNET)
3. Central Visayas Farmers Development Center (FARDEC)
4. Bohol People’s Arts Development Center (BPADC)
5. Foundation for Philippine Environment (FPE) – Visayas Unit
6. Fisherfolks Development Center (FIDEC)
7. Southern Partners Fair Trade Center (SPFTC)
7. Visayas Primary Health Care Services (VPHCS)
8. Visayas Human Development Agency (VIHDA)
9. IFI-Visayas Mindanao Regional Office for Development (IFI-VIMROD)
10. Women’s Resource Center of Visayas (WRCV)

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