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Balay Kahimsog accepts bookings

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The Balay Kahimsog continues to accept bookings for seminars, retreats and other gatherings of government agencies, schools, and non-government organizations at affordable prices.

The Balay Kahimsog is a concrete two-storey building located at the top of the hills of Barangay Cambanac, Baclayon, overlooking the quiet sea on one side and the magnificent mountains on the other side. Surrounded by trees, vegetables and flowers, it is reached by any vehicle about 15 minutes ride through scenic rolling hills from the main highway of Baclayon, about seven kilometers from Tagbilaran City.

It is a training center for health workers in community-based health programs (CBHPs) in Central Visayas region, and a resource center for primary health care and alternative forms of medicine including herbal medicine.

A spacious open-air conference hall that could accommodate 150 persons occupies the entire second floor. Its first floor has a dormitory that could accommodate twenty persons, an air-conditioned room for two to three persons, an office, a kitchen, a living room and a reading area in the lobby.

To generate income for the programs and services of the CBHPs, the center has been accepting bookings. Proceeds also support medical and dental missions, health skills trainings and alternative medical practices such as herbal medicine preparation, ventusa, acupuncture and homeopathy.

The center was built primarily from funds generated by the Fil-Am Center for Community Health and Development (FACCHD) in Pleasanton, Califonia, U.S.A.   It started operation in the second quarter 2009 and has since then accepted bookings from different groups.

With its fresh air and magnificent view, it is also a perfect place for just staying over for tranquility, a brief respite from the hustles and bustles of city life.

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