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Homeopathy seminar conducted

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As part of the continuing education on alternative medicine for the staff of the Visayas Primary Health Care Services, Inc. a training on homeopathy was conducted by renowned German homeopath Dr. Norbert Enders in May 2010.

It was the third series of trainings conducted by Dr.Enders, a member of the Solidarite Homeopathie based in France where he currently resides. The first was done in December 2008 followed by August 2009.

In such trainings, Dr. Enders taught the staff the basic concepts and principles of homeopathy through lectures and actual cases of patients. Various homeopathic remedies and how they are effective were explained thoroughly by Dr. Enders. Documentation of patients before they received and after they received treatment was done as part of the teaching process.

Dr. Enders together with staff members also held clinics for indigent patients in Barangay Pasil and Sitio Mary Grace in Talamban as part of the training process.

Members of the staff of the VPHCS are currently practicing homeopathy. Remedies brought by Dr. Enders from his organization are available in the VPHCS office.

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