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Medical Missions in Daanbantayan and Medellin

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More than 450 patients availed of free medical, dental, optometry services and medicines in two medical missions conducted by the Visayas Primary Healthcare Services, Inc. in Barangay Paypay, Daanbantayan and Barangay Tindog, Medellin on May 28, 29, 2016

The two barangays together with Barangay Dalingding Norte, Daanbantayan, are beneficiaries of a community-based health program project implemented by the VPHCS with the support of LandsAid, a humanitarian aid organization since May 2015.

Services in the two day medical mission included the following, namely: medical consultations for illnesses for children and adults, diabetes screening for adults more than 40 years old, nutritional status assessment, visual acuity check-up, dental check up and urinalysis for children six years to 12 years old, eye check-up for adults and giving of reading glasses. The mission sites were the elementary schools of the two barangays.

For many patients, it was the first time that they had their blood sugar tested. Diabetics do not show outright signs and symptoms of diabetes until complications such as poor healing leg wounds, stroke and renal failure set in and they are brought to the hospitals where they are diagnosed as diabetics. Fortunately, only very few were found to be diabetic, they were all given hypoglycemic medications good for three months and advised to have regular blood sugar check-up and diet control.

Eye check up was done by an optometrist and those who had problems of near vision were given reading glasses. Having eyeglasses is a luxury in the rural areas in the Philippines. Rural towns rarely have optometry stores, much more, optometrists.

Many children had skin infections. There were also many respiratory illnesses that required antibiotics, including chronic draining otitis media and pharyngitis.

The team included Dr. Jose Edgar Alonso, Dr. Lilia Hernandez, Dr. Aida Baroro, Dr. Marilyn Dayrit, Dr. Primativa Alquiza, staff of VPHCS and volunteer nurses.

In general, the mission was indeed successful and the patients expressed their appreciation and gratitude to the team. For the team members, it was also a meaningful experience for them to have served the farmers and residents of the community who are continuing to strive hard to live a decent life after the devastation of Typhoon Yolanda.

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