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Orientation on Project on COVID-19 response for Barangay Captains of Tabuelan

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The Visayas Primary Healthcare Services, Inc. (VPHCS) held an orientation on the project on community-based COVID-19 response for members of the Association of Barangay Councils of Tabuelan on September 1, 2020 at the Astrodome in the Poblacion.

There was a total of 29 participants composed of barangay captains, nurses of the rural health unit, barangay health workers, barangay nutrition scholars, midwives and staff members of the mayor’s office. Tabuelan has 12 barangays.

Project team who facilitated the meeting included project staff Crescenciana Labitad, Irish Grace Ramirez, Lucila Carreon and Lora Manigos. Ms. Manigos introduced about the project and the VPHCS. The barangay captains, nurses, midwives and other LGU staff also introduced themselves. Ms. Ramirez then gave an overview of the project activities. Ms. Labitad then followed with the planning of the schedules and the barangays to be trained by the VPHCS and the RTI International, particularly the BHERTs training.

It was agreed that the training will be conducted on September 8. There will be seven participants in Barangay Tabunok while the rest of the barangays will have six participants. The VPHCS will cover nine barangays while the RTI International will cover three barangays at a later date that their staff will schedule. There will be a total of 63 BHERTs members and ten nurses to be trained by the VPHCS.

There will be two batches in the training of VPHCS covering nine barangays. The first batch will cover the coastal barangays including Tabunok, Olivo, Tigbawan and Maravilla, which will be held in the Tigbawan covered court. The second batch training which will be held in the Kanlim-ao covered court will cover the upland barangays, including Kantubaon, Kanluhangon, Kanlim-ao, Mabunao, and Villahermosa.

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