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Privatization will affect poor patients, government health workers

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For public health workers, serving the Filipino people should always be the government’s priority.


MANILA – Dante Perez, an occupational therapist working at the Philippine Orthopedic Center (POC) for 16 years said being a health worker for a government hospital is about serving the Filipino people. However, he said, this will not be the case anymore if privatization of government hospitals will push through.

Not only that, Perez added, they too are on the brink of losing their jobs. He said the Department of Health (DOH) admitted that their tenure is in the hands of the company that will take over the new POC. He said they were told by the DOH that they cannot do anything if the new management will lay-off some of its health workers and hospital employees.

This is the fate awaiting health workers, Perez said. They have working for almost 24 hours servicing poor patients and even spend their own money but the government does not care about them… read more

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