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Training for Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams (BHERTs) of Tabuelan

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Two batches of BHERTs of Tabuelan had their training on September 8, 2020. One batch consisted of the BHERTs from the coastal barangays including Tabunok, Olivo, Tigbawan and Maravilla, which was held in the Tigbawan covered court. It had a total number of 27 participants.

The second batch training which was held in the Kanlim-ao covered court covered the upland barangays, including Kantubaon, Kanluhangon, Kanlim-ao, Mabunao, and Villahermosa. It had a total number of 43 participants. Both batches were comprised of Nurse Deployment Project (NDP) nurses, Rural Health Midwives Placement Program (RHMPP), barangay health workers (BHWs), barangay captains, barangay councilors, barangay tanods and barangay nutrition scholars (BNS).

As a health protocol, the Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) prepared disinfecting mat, soap and water for handwashing plus 70% alcohol. Thermal scanning was also performed by the BHW before participants can proceed to the registration areas where the VPHCS project team was waiting.

Upon registration, participants were asked to provide information such as mobile numbers, email addresses and addresses where they are currently staying. They were told that the information they provide may be shared with local public health authorities if any participant becomes ill with a suspected infectious disease and that they have to agree to this protocol to attend the training.

The participants were provided with the training manual in Cebuano, including Contact Line List Form and Contact Tracing Signs and Symptoms Log Form, and 70% alcohol for frequent hand disinfection while the training was ongoing. They were also asked to sign the health declaration tool and the consent form to take pictures, and given blank sheets to answer their pre-test and post-tests as well as post-training evaluation form.

The facilitators and resource persons followed the guide for facilitators in the conduct of the BHERTs training. The training started with a prayer by one of the participants, then an orientation of the health and safety protocols observed in the trainings. This was then followed by a pre-test, then the formal lectures.

The topics covered the following, namely; basic information about COVID-19, policies regarding BHERTs, assessment of the functions of BHERTs, composition of BHERT, roles and functions of BHERT, forms to be filled up by the BHERTs regarding contacts, guidelines in conducting home visits for BHERTs, infection prevention and control (IPC), and risk communication and community engagement (RCCE).

The lectures were aided by a powerpoint presentation in the Cebuano version. Incorporated in the powerpoint were videos on COVID-19 signs and symptoms, infection and control measures like washing hands and alcohol rub, and wearing face masks properly. The participants were then made to do return demonstration of these measures. They also said that they have been doing these safety protocols for a long time already. There was also an interactive exchange of ideas, best practices and experiences of the participants in between the lectures.

A post test of the information covered in the training was conducted after the training. It was the same pre-test. The participants also filled up the post-evaluation training form.

The resource persons and facilitators for the Kanlim-ao covered court included the following, namely: Lora Manigos, Crescenciana Labitad, and Lucila Carreon. Armel Pontillas, VPHCS volunteer, was in-charge of the registration and the documentation. The Tigbawan group had Irish Grace Ramirez, Jerhald Agcang and Lourdes Geolin as the resource persons and facilitators.

Both trainings started at around 9:45 to 10:00 a.m. and ended at around 4:30 p.m. A group picture was taken for both batches. Lunch and snacks were also served.

Prior to the training, a letter was given to Felix Rubin, the president of the Association of Barangay Captains of Tabuelan on September 3, which indicated the number of BHERTs members for each of the barangays covered, and requesting him to do a follow-up of his barangay captains. On September 7, a day before the training, the project team also made personal calls to the barangay captains. All training materials were also prepared the weekend prior. A final run down of the powerpoint presentation was also done by the resource persons.


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