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Training for port personnel of Polambato Port, Bogo City

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A training for port personnel of the Polambato Port was conducted last October 26, 2020 in the port passengers’ terminal. Present were 4 members of the Philippine Coast Guard assigned in the port, the port manager, 4 members of the port security staff , 11 port staff members, 1 port quarantine staff member, and one port person in charge of the Aznar Shipping Lines, for a total of 22 participants.

The Visayas Primary Healthcare Services, Inc. organized the training as part of the project supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) on COVID-19 response.

Project support staff Jerhald Agcang discussed about infection prevention and control (IPC) followed by project team leader Edgar E. Gahisan on risk communication and community engagement (RCCE).

The lecture on IPC was also injected with sharings from the port personnel on how they have been observing the health protocols without fail, such as wearing face masks, observing social distancing, and practicing hand hygiene. They also said that they were strict in enforcing these health protocols with arriving and departing passengers in the port.

There was also return demonstration of how to wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and do hand-rub with alcohol for at least 20 seconds.

Feedbacks from the participants on the topic on risk communication and community engagement (RCCE) were that they realized that they have to be patient with people who may not fully understand the need to enforce strict border controls, that they should be able to know how to deal with these people. They said that working in the port where many people are arriving from other places, they play a very crucial role in containing the spread of the virus to their city.

The participants also expressed their appreciation for the training since it will enhance their knowledge on how to ensure that departing and arriving passengers will practice always the minimum health protocols such as social distancing, wearing of face masks, and hand hygiene. They also expressed their gratitude upon knowing that there will be a handwashing station installed in their port.

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