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Training on fund raising conducted

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As part of the resource generation and sustainability program of the Visayas Primary Health Care Services, Inc., a series of staff development seminars on fund raising was conducted by the VPHCS with the support of the Asmae-Association Soeur Emmanuelle, a French non-government organization.

Ms. Lani Bayron, fund raising specialist contracted by Asmae, conducted the third series of trainings on fund raising for the staff on May 25- 28, 2010. She elaborated the concepts of program marketing as exemplified in the VPHCS training center Balay Kahimsog. Ms. Bayron assisted the VPHCS staff in formulating a by Radio Canyon” href=””>MARKETING PLAN for the training center located in Barangay Cambanac, Baclayon, Bohol.

During the seminar, Ms. Bayron further discussed about project development and management.

The fund raising mission supported by Asmae aims to enhance the capacities of the VPHCS to raise funds particularly by developing its understanding of the different sources of funds, providing supportive mechanisms to enable its fundraising healthymanviagra team to become more effective in searching for and responding to fundraising opportunities, and supporting the fundraising team of VPHCS in the creation and improvement of adapted fundraising methods and tools.

The first seminar of the VPHCS staff was conducted in January 2010 followed by the second one in April 2010. A seminar on fund raising was also conducted for 15 partners of Asmae in the Philippines in March 2010 in Makati City.

Asmae currently has a partnership with the VPHCS, implementing a project “Promotion of Environmental Health and Child Nutrition in Community-based Health Programs in Cebu” in three communities in Cebu. Another component of the project is the enhancement of the fund raising capacity of the VPHCS in relation with its resource generation and sustainability program.

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